Keep moving forward!

Just found an interesting piece in my draft posts. Wrote this on 5th January, 2016. Don’t know why I didn’t post.


2015 has been a great as well as a consuming year. Year started with first serious capital in Townscript, and it kept us busy with team building, getting product right, setting up operations and taking the business to a higher level.

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My favourite productivity app – Todoist

I have always been a big user of productivity apps/solutions. Main reason I being very prone to procrastination and laziness if allowed to let loose 🙂 And then that big stress creeps up and tries to takes away my happiness.

So only saviour to me in this cruel and demanding world are productivity apps. They keep me focussed, sharp and happy.

But then finding a good productivity app is in itself a productivity sucking task 🙂

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Zero to One Book – Key Takeaways!

Just finished reading Zero to One for second time after a gap of 1.5 years. Pretty stimulating book and a must read for anybody aspiring to build a business.

As I keep forgetting about the learnings of classic books that I read, I decided to make notes about them and publish them regularly on my blog. Hope it becomes a repeatable behaviour 🙂

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What success of Instagram, and now of Prisma tells us?

Few days ago I saw below image shared by Kunal Shah in my facebook feed. This image tells us about how people in few major countries(including India) spend.


(goldman sachs) how-india-spends
I think this image represents amazing insights about human behaviour around spending money. And hence extremely relevant for any businessman.

This also tells a lot about huge success of apps like Instagram, and now Prisma.

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Nationalism or Insecurity?

In recent times multiple incidents including JNU one has bought the discussion around Nationalism in public discourse. It has incited heated up discussions in Social Media, equally matched by TV Newsrooms.

I feel the students chanting slogans of supporting Afzal Guru and of Breaking India was deeply disturbing. At-least to proud citizen like me, who feels that India is a glorious country with it’s great past, culture, diversity and potential.

But unfortunately, general response to that disturbing behaviour is also very much, well…..disturbing.

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Why stealth mode startup is a bad idea?

Last month I went to an IEEE Entrepreneurship event in Pune that was mostly attended by college students. Though it was a fun evening talking to lots of young & energetic folks, one of the most recurring question I faced was – “What if someone steals my idea?”.  Interestingly, it’s not a direct question, but comes as response to other questions like – “Why don’t you ask among your friends for Co-founders?”, “Why don’t you seek mentorship from someone who is knowledgeable.” etc.

Actually this is not a question at all, but a fear that resides among many first time entrepreneurs. And it is most likely the reason why lots of first time entrepreneurs start startups in “Stealth Mode”.

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Revenue models for Tech Startups

Tech Startups have seen unprecedented boom in last decade. 1000s of new ideas are sprouting everyday. But in this vast ocean of ideas, an serious entrepreneur has to pick what can be a good business, and what can’t be.

Often this choice boils down to having a viable revenue model. It turns out that there are mainly 3 basic revenue models associated with past successful tech startups. So when you are evaluating your next idea, you have to take a call about which model suits you most.

Here, let’s understand what these 3 models are –

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