Often there are times when I ponder that I ought to be spending more time in creative activities. There are creative urges lurking somewhere inside, they want a let out, but don’t get any expression.

Looks like the brain wants it, but won't simply do it. An interesting video that I saw gave me some direction to solve this problem.

Apparently Brain is a complex thing. It always craves dopamine for stimulation. Looks like there are a hell lot of things that stimulate it — Coffee, Pizza, Movies, Twitter, Whatsapp, Music, Video game, Friends, Puzzles.

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In current times, our brains can be so stimulated that they don't want to do creative stuff, because creativity is a slow pleasure — it is like a long walk in the woods with the cool night breeze.

In hope to break out of this, I tried to remove lots of instant stimulations. To control the usage of online entertainment, social media, and app notifications.

What happened when I did all this? Got hit by bouts of boredom and a sinking feeling...haha!

But interesting things do show up with time. My brain craves stimulation. So it is making me do, read books, writing blogs. There cannot be an empty space in the brain. It has to be replaced by stimulation. What kind of stimulation? the choice is ours.