Are entrepreneurs over celebrated?

Is entrepreneurship ultimate display of skill and proficiency?

Will AI make software engineering jobs go away?

On question of whether software engineering jobs will go away, there are two opposing forces at work i.e. increasing software work, and AI automating lots of software writing tasks. Which force will win is tricky to predict.

Mental Models — Inversion of a Problem

Charlie Munger's mental model about dealing with a complex problem

LLMs as knowledge distributors

LLMs are agents of knowledge distribution, latest tool in our long battle of reducing redundancy.

How LLMs will shape products

Categorisation is more of a crutch while dealing with new technologies, where possibilities are endless. Still, this analysis can be treated as an ignition point that structures the thought process, while facing the big question - what is possible with LLMs?

How to describe LLMs

To label something, we have to stick knowns over an unknown. Therefore to understand LLMs better, lets use the tool of analogies.

Are we on exponential path to AGI?

Rapid rate of AI development pose an important question, is AI on a path of exponential growth to AGI, or is it going to plateau after a great productivity boost, as all technological trends do.

Book Notes - Black Swan

Why there are big unforeseen failures in markets, economies, corporations etc? Nassim Taleb’s book Black Swan has some answers. This post is tribute to that book.

Book Notes - Obama, dreams from my father

Obama’s autobiography about his childhood, and his ancestral family. And stories about his struggles, bother inner and external.

From Genes to Memes: How humans thrived

When I read about living Cells function, it was almost impossible to not draw parallels with how our human societies function.