Book Notes - Black Swan

Why there are big unforeseen failures in markets, economies, corporations etc? Nassim Taleb’s book Black Swan has some answers. This post is tribute to that book.

Book Notes - Obama, dreams from my father

Obama’s autobiography about his childhood, and his ancestral family. And stories about his struggles, bother inner and external.

From Genes to Memes: How humans thrived

When I read about living Cells function, it was almost impossible to not draw parallels with how our human societies function. 

Empty Spaces and Creative Work

In current times, our brains can be so stimulated that they don't want to do creative stuff, because creativity is a slow pleasure — it is like a long walk in the woods with the cool night breeze.

My favourite interview of Travis Kalanick

It is not about what he speaks in this interview, but how he speaks it — the passion, vigor, pain…..emotions that only a founder who has seen a long-struggling journey, can convey.

Why stealth mode startup is a bad idea?

In my opinion, not sharing your startup idea is the worst mistake that can potentially put one up for failure even before he/she is starting.

Revenue models for Tech Startups

Tech Startups have seen an unprecedented boom in the last decade. 1000s of new ideas are sprouting every day. But in this vast ocean of ideas, a serious entrepreneur has to pick what can be a good business, and what can’t be.

In Ola & Uber world, does owning a Car makes sense anymore?

Lots of changes have been in the transportation segment in the past 3 years. The biggest being emergence of on-demand cabs i.e. Ola & Uber. The on-demand cabs have already started to disrupt the traditional taxi/auto businesses. But if we go a step further and ask — would it start affecting the ownership of Cars?